Scrubber is a white-listing HTML sanitizer. It uses BeautifulSoup to parse an HTML document and removes any tags and attributes that are not specifically allowed. Some other features of scrubber include:

  • normalizing of tags (<b> to <strong>, etc..)
  • cleaning up markup to make it more consistent between browsers
  • optional autolinking urls
  • optional rel="nofollow" for anchor tags
  • optional removal of comments


Stable releases of Scrubber can be installed using easy_install or pip.


You can find the latest version of scrubber at


>>> from scrubber import Scrubber
>>> scrubber = Scrubber(autolink=True)
>>> scrubber.scrub("<script>alert('foo');</script><p>bar,</p>")
u'<p>bar, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>'



The scrubber module has the following functions.

scrubber.Scrubber(base_url=None, autolink=True, nofollow=True, remove_comments=True)
Return a new Scrubber with the given settings. If base_url is given then all relative URLs are rewritten to be absolute.

Scrubber Objects

Scrubber objects have the following methods.

Return a sanitized version of html.

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